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We are very proud of this fitout we recently completed @ O’Connor’s Bar in Kells including our new high bar stools, high & low tables, newly upholstered club chairs & newly upholstered low stools all finished to a very high standard by Aidan, our master upholsterer. If you are looking for a similar transformation of your venue please contact Mick @ 086 6060433. 

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At Used Pub & Hotel Equipment we are the Industry leaders in managing our business in an environmentally sustainable way. Everything we do is about REUSING existing materials, REDUCING waste (which would ultimately be destined for the landfill) and RECYCLING as much as possible. We do this in many ways including:

  • On average every bar or restaurant that we clear out results in a reduction of on average 20 tonnes of material ending up in the landfill.
  • All our furniture (seating, tables, bar counters) are brought back to our warehouse where are our master fitters, carpenters & upholsterers in our workshop lovingly work on upcycling these to give them a new lease of live in a new home!
  • All our equipment (bottle coolers, glass washers, ice machines, ovens, fryers etc) are brought back to our warehouse where our electrical engineers completely refurbish them and after being thoroughly tested – they are ready for a new home with many more years of life ahead of them!
  • Any equipment that cannot be refurbished is stripped down where any working parts enter a new life in another machine while the stainless steel carcasses etc are recycled through a dedicated affiliate programme
  • All bedroom furniture (lockers, lamps, tables, chairs etc) are lovingly upcycled with our team of woodworking experts and find a new life in the family home, guest house, rental properties etc
  • All our lighting, signage, mirrors & memorabilia are meticulously cleaned and repaired and find a new home in various locations from Irish homes to Irish bars worldwide!
  • We have also supported homeless shelter projects by donating bedroom furniture to those in more need than ourselves
  • All this adds up to operating an environmentally sustainable business in an environmentally sustainably way!

Reduce - Reuse


70/30 mix or 75/25 mix is suitable for Guinness. Do NOT use 50/50 lager gas for Guinness.
70/30 mix or 75/25 mix is suitable for Guinness & Lager Do NOT use 50/50 lager gas for Guinness.
50/50 Lager gas is recommended for lager only
  • Heineken
  • Murphy’s Stout
  • Coors Light
  • Orchard Thieves
  • Peroni
  • Amstel
  • Porterhouse products
  • Guinness
  • Budweiser
  • Carlsberg
  • Smithwicks
  • Harp
  • Kilkenny

Gas regulators should be preset by a technician. If the pressure needs to changed, insert an allen key in the front. Turn clockwise to increase the pressure & anti clockwise to lower the pressure.

Make sure you turn off the gas at the cylinder and depressure the regulator first

A line cooler system is far better as it “cools” the beer as it passes through the cooler to the tap.

A Kegerator is basically just a fridge that the keg is stored in and chills the complete keg before being dispensed. The main problem with this system is that when you need to change the keg, you are putting in a keg which has been stored at room temperature and it will take a few hours (depending on the weather) to cool down.

No it is not advised to store the kegs outside. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly – there will be a significant variance in temperature – too cold in winter & too warm in summer. Secondly, it will lead to a longer “draw” (the distance between the keg and the tap). The shorter this is the better as it improves beer quality and reduces waste as you need to drain off what is in the line between the keg and the tap before use each day.

Generally a keg is ok to be tapped up to 6 weeks after its best before date

Generally a keg is good after its tapped for 4 weeks in summer time and 6/7 weeks in winter time.

Each customer will average 4 glasses a visit, and each one needs to be pristine and durable.

Furthermore, you’ll need an arsenal of varied glassware to correctly serve your signature drinks and cocktails.

A small glass washer is a great investment and avoids you spending an hour at the end of the night washing glasses when everyone else is gone to bed!

You will use a lot more ice in summertime (Large bottles of Bulmers in a pint glass with ice!). Ice is always great to have to hand for soft drinks, spirits with mixers and especially if you are making cocktails.

A small ice machine is a great investment – ensuring that you will never run out of ice.

Glassware should be stored in a clean dry place. Open shelves or cupboard is a good place for storing fragile glasses. Storing the glasses on the shelves will keep them clean and prevent them from breaking. Glasses with long stems should be stored upright while glass mugs or rock glasses may be stored upside down.

Whiskey and brandy are most often ordered neat because many drinkers prefer to drink them at room temperature. Top-shelf tequilas and vodkas are commonly served neat as well. While sippers of these liquors are thought of as neat drinkers, the term can technically be applied to shots, too.

Common home bar setup questions

Home bar setup questions