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XV393 Combi Oven


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Steam various foods together
Steam up to 130๐C
Fast reheating
Built-in boiler
Easy to descale
Descale function
Auto fill for fresh steam
4 menu programs
Even steam circulation
Timer up 100 minutes
Hold 7 GN1/1 x 20m or
4 GN1/1 x 65m trays
Built-in heat exchange manifold
Circulating fan for even temperature
Auto discharge of boiler on power up

  • MODEL HS37
  • PRICE €1799
  • DIMENSIONS W672 x D780 x H616
  • TEMP 100°C – 130°C
  • POWER 7.65Kw (3PH)
  • CAPACITY UP TO 7 GN Trays 20 mm
  • WEIGHT 75 Kg

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